Daily Random Thoughts – Aug 24th, 2017


  • Great. I’m late at work and the covfefe machine is having a tantrum.
  • I need a 10 day week that is 4 work days and 6 weekend days if I ever want to get anything done when I want them to get done. That being said, going to leave starting work on MIO for tomorrow and the weekend.


  • Eh, might as well watch a movie while I work.
  • hehe. Formaldehyde face (They Live, 1988)


  • I’m so bored I’m almost willing to work


  • I have a strange craving for destruction, DIY and the smell of solder. Uhm, help?


  • I just realized I have to replace the ATX cable/connector for my NAS’s PSU. It’s way too short for the layout I had in mind. I’m a bit afraid of opening up the (Delta?) unit since I’m almost positive it’s a rats nest of cables or all the cables are bunched up in a single through-hole solder mess. More research is needed.
  • The guy at the workstation to my right is either retarded or autistic. Tending towards retarded.


  • Another day closer to quitting day. Time to hit the pub before watching Atomic Blonde

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