MIO Update – Bad News. Ish.

Last Saturday was supposed to be the day when I finally started working on more than conceptual stuff.

Unfortunately, life decided to be the same ol’ bitch I’ve come to know and loathe. Saturday morning I “woke up” (read: was woken up) thanks to excruciating back pain that swiftly turned into a trip to the ER and a bottle of painkillers that barely dent the pain.

MIO was already marked as a long term project with most of the progress set for weekends and days off from work. With the new complication I’m looking at another month or two worth of delay, depending on how the pain evolves. Knowing myself and my issues, the pain could go away tomorrow or next year. Not a pretty thought, but it’s something I have been dealing with for the better part of my life. Thanks, genetics.

It’s not all grim news, though.

This delay gives me more time to spend on the conceptual phase and new ideas are already shaping up.

I’m aware my audience is basically 3 people (give or take) and the interest isn’t that large, but MIO is something I really want to at least try and get done, even if it turns out to be less than practical somewhere down the line, but at least I’d have the privilege of saying I tried.

Time to pop another painkiller and solider on through another grey Monday at work.

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