MIO Update – Vault Tec Wonk-Scale Sketch

Since yesterday’s post I’m feeling better (not good, but still better) and I decided to fight through the paint tonight after work and actually start on Vault Tec’s base frame.

I made a thing at a Wonky:1 scale in Paint.

For the motherboard baseplate I’ll be using a piece of acrylic since there isn’t much in the way of standardized I/O, all of it being on the bottom side (with an extra I/O panel connected via cable. I’ll sort that out later)

The mounting solution I came up with is something similar to:

I’ve already bought M4 (thanks, Leroy Merlin for not carrying M3 screws longer than 10mm) screws, nuts and washers. I’ll have to cut the screws to length, but I should be fine otherwise.

I’ve also updated the bill of sale to include a partial cost for the M4 screws, nuts and washers (cheaper than I first thought, too!)

Hopefully I’ll have more to show in the following days, other than badly drawn paint conceptuals.

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