Sidetracked: The Apple Episode Part 2

Still sidetracked and filling my time with the MacBook.

I’ve finally managed to install Windows 10 Pro x32 on it, albeit not in the way I would have wanted to.

After trial and error, I resorted to taking out the HDD, installing it into my Acer Aspire 1410 and installing Windows 8.1 halfway (up to the first reboot).

After reinstalling the HDD into the MacBook and finishing the installation, I upgraded to Windows 10 and installed the boot camp drivers. For the most part everything works just fine, except for the trackpad and function keys.

Another fairly major issue I had was caused by the lack of a battery and Intel SpeedStep limiting the CPU to only 1GHz. That was easily fixed via a small registry edit.


Just set the value for Start to 4 (default is 3). That should fix it, BUT at the cost of device manager saying something’s screwy with the CPU (you can just ignore it, I left the MacBook to update, sync OneDrive and install some very lightweight games overnight and it was still running just fine when my alarms started yelling on both laptop, the PC AND my phone).

I’m probably going to have a third part to the Apple Episode since I think I’ll have to open it up, give it a proper clean, change the thermal paste and so on.


I’m debating the purchase of a battery. Ones I can source in-country are shady at best and are about 60-70% the price of a “new” one from eBay (found quite a few in Germany for about $25 shipped. Not ordering from China since I’d like it to be here sometime¬†this year).


Vault Tec has seen no progress since the last time, which was to be expected. Can’t see much progress being made in the next couple of weeks (I have a feeling it’s not going to go anywhere till mid-October). I have the tools and materials already, now it’s just a matter of cutting, drilling, measuring and putting everything together.

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