Vault Tec Progress Report 1

Finally managed to start work on Vault Tec last night. Got less than I wanted done, but I only spent a couple hours actually working so far. Here’s some nudes!

The SS4200 motherboard (and a pair of feet), but what’s that under the board? Could it be…

Tan tan taaaaaa! Wait. A piece of acrylic? Too much buildup for.. a piece of acrylic?

That is actually what will become the motherboard backplate.

Here’s what $1.5 worth of M4 screws, nuts and washers looks like.

See those nuts in the middle compartment? I fucked up when I bought them. They’re Nyloc nuts. Try hand tightening them. I dare you. I double dare you to get that done in a very tight space surrounded by fragile components.

The solution I found was to remove the plastic insert with ol’ trusty 936A, a pair of pliers and a small screwdriver. I got pretty good at it after the first half dozen and it only takes me about 45s to completely remove the plastic.

30-45 minutes of swearing, careful marking, drilling and re-drilling later, I was left with this!

That’s 6 holes, 12 nuts fuckered, a bunch of washers and a whole lot of pride for something fairly insignificant.

Closeup to the fastening system I spoke about yesterday. This ensures the motherboard is level and doesn’t touch the acrylic. Don’t mind the edges, those will get sanded later (the edge I snapped off is a bit rough, but it isn’t too big of a problem to fix)

Of course one corner had to break. Fortunately it still holds. Not going to bother going through all of this again just for that corner. I’ll see if I can fill it in with some melted plastic later on, if I decide it bothers me.

Here’s the underside. Don’t mind the marking or the label. I haven’t peeled off the protective film yet since I still have business with it when I start the base frame.


All in all, last night was quite productive and educational. I now know how to deal with Nyloc nuts, I finished one small, yet surprisingly important part of the base mount and, most importantly, I had fun (in spite of the constant swearing that went on).

Up next: Cutting aluminium profile for the base frame. Stay tuned!

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